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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Changes. In a certain stage, people sure will change. We can't think that people won't change forever since the day we know them. In between, we sure will go through some hurdles and obstacles. After we had gone through all of them, we may change ourselves or change our thinking. Life also may change because of some reasons. My life will change since the day I left my secondary school. I knew it after half year had gone. Within this half year, many things had happened. Happy things, sad things, troubles, hurdles, assignment, presentation, debates and exams. All had happened. Sometimes we just didn't realise it. We mumbling why our life is so bad but we didn't realise that happiness is always with us and someone just always beside us and care us. Appreciate all the things we have before we lose it.

Finally finished all the classes. Wednesday is the longest class. Suffer for it and waiting the time to pass. Sleepy although yesterday slept early. Don't know what happened to me. Kept on ha chiuk since afternoon until just now. Luckily now ok already.

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